Chapter Sisterhood

Being a member of Tri Delta means being a part of a large sisterhood that surpasses what we have built on Samford's campus and extends all across the country. Here at Epsilon Xi, we have many sisterhood events throughout the year, ranging from holiday parties, ice cream nights, and intramural teams.

Every year, our chapter participates in various intramurals depending on what our members would like to do. This year, we have had teams compete in flag football, 6v6 volleyball, 4v4 volleyball, soccer, and basketball!

In addition to the fun events you expect out of a sorority, Tri Delta also has two unique programs called Body Image 3D and Not Anymore that bring our sisterhood even closer. Both of those programs allow members to be educated on the common struggles for girls our age, such as body positivity and sexual assault and offer a support system among our own members. Being aware and educated about common struggles with body image and with sexual assault can also be helpful for people who haven’t experienced those specific struggles because they can learn how to be an advocate and better listener for others.