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Samford Tri Delta will have housing on campus beginning in fall 2017! We have provided important FAQs on housing below:

Where will the Tri Delta facility be? 

Samford is currently determining the process for deciding which Panhellenic group will move into the new chapter facility being built. Tri Delta will either move into that new facility or the current chapter facility once one of the other Panhellenic groups vacates. 

Who will maintain the housing facility?

Samford owns and operates the Panhellenic buildings on campus.

Samford Tri Delta falls under Tri Delta's National House Corporation's (NHC) Asset Management program. This program exists for chapters who reside in a university-owned space but still have common areas that need to be furnished and maintained. This means NHC will manage all contents within the common spaces of Tri Delta's chapter facility. 

What will members pay to Tri Delta for housing each semester?

Each new member will pay the New Member Housing Fee ($30) and Initiation Housing Fee ($30) during their new member semester.

Beginning in fall 2016, all members will also pay the Capital Improvement Fee (CIF) of $75 each semester of their membership. The CIF is collected to develop savings that will fund improvements to the chapter house including interior decorations and furniture - ensuring the facility will remain user-friendly and comfortable for all members.

There will be no Usage Fee charged for the 2016-2017 academic year as the facility will not be available for members to utilize. Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, this fee will be assessed (cost to-be-determined) to cover operating costs associated with the house. This include repairs and maintenance to chapter furnishings, insurance of the facility, household supplies and more.

Will all members pay for housing expenses, even if they don't live in?

Yes, it is the mission of NHC to provide an exceptional living and learning environment for all Tri Delta members. The common spaces will be set up so that all members benefit regardless of if they live in or not. Members will be able to study, hang out, host meetings and plan sisterhood events in the space!

What will member responsibilities look like in regards to housing?

All members will be responsible for adhering to all Samford and Tri Delta housing policies. 

The collegiate house manager will be responsible for establishing and implementing household chores for live-in members, and serve as the liaison between the chapter, Samford and NHC. This will include repair and maintenance requests.

Samford will maintain all fire and safety requirements and facility inspections.

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